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... so you can have better relationships, be more successful at work, reach your goals more consistently and get more out of life... 
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One day I realised that becoming the man I wanted to be in life, being successful in business and getting the woman I desired was completely in my own hands... 

and I realised I had a choice... stay stuck and suffer being the typical average frustrated guy or step up and take responsibility.

If you are making EXCUSES In 2017 and aren't living the life you dream of, then you just haven't done your research. 

The science is proven - men can be happy, successful with women, and flourishing in life and today I will show you how!
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James Gough

Author, speaker, coach

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What You Will Learn Inside The 
Life Changer 1
How to make your own mind your best friend that supports and encourages you
A proven system that is simple to do and only takes about 30 seconds per day
Life Changer 2
 The secret science of why we give up so easily on our goals and dreams
This has nothing to do with motivation... it's science backed and so simple you'll love it
Life Changer 3
The simple steps to becoming happy in life, confident, fit and healthy
A warrior prepares his mind and body so it is ready for any challenge life throws at him
This training System is based on the work of

Professor Marshall Goldsmith

Harvard Business Review and Best Practices Institute – World’s #1 Leadership Thinker, Global Gurus, INC and Fast Company magazines – World’s #1 Executive Coach.

Dr Piers Steel

Professor in the Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources area and is the Distinguished Research Chair at the Canadian Centre for Leadership in Business. 

Professor Gabriele Oettingen

 New York University and the University of Hamburg. Her research focuses on how people think about the future, and how this impacts cognition, emotion, and behaviour.

Professor James Prochaska 

Professor of Psychology at the University of Rhode Island and author or co-author of over 250 publications on the dynamics of behavioral change.
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This training guide reprograms your mind for success so you start to believe and achieve what's listed below
On this "FREE" masterclass we'll cover how my training system changes the MINDSET of guys so they can STOP the negative self talk, feel super confident and get the life they want and desire!

Here's just a sample of what I cover -

* 1 How to talk to ANY woman - kill those fears and uncertainties... quick?
* 2 How be happy - completely science based - 92% success rate*
* 3 Get fit and strong in just 10 minutes per day - Don't become a gym-junkie!
* 4 Why you are stuck and how to break free and reach your goals
* 5 How to switch off all that NEGATIVE SELF TALK that is destroying your confidence and dreams
* 6 How to set goals and reach them on a consistent basis - **proven 76% success rate
* 7 How to set yourself up for success no matter what happens in you life***
8. Why good looks, money, being ripped with muscle or even being well hung don't mean anything when it comes to meeting women, being happy, or being healthy today!

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough webinar, 

This is a proven science based approach to living to your full potential....

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Intrinsic Motivation Training

 * Duke University study involving over 4,500 people
** Research from Dominican University, California
*** New York University, New York

Just a couple of testimonials
"I have been telling Jay he should start teaching this stuff to women and not just men. I keep asking him and it is lucky I know him to ask him advice, otherwise I might be lost too." SY, Author

"I don't know anyone who has more knowledge on the psychology and what makes them tick, getting the most out of life than James. He has a simple answer for everything that comes from the heart and is based on sound logic. No mumbo-jumbo." EM, Stripper

"I think without a doubt his is one of the best books I have ever read on the subject of meeting and dating women and I have read a few over the years. If you buy just one book on meeting women, then buy this one." SN, PUA
"The one thing I know about James is he knows his stuff. He can understand what the problem is AND give you an answer that works just by listening to a bit of the problem. He doesn't even have to be there to get it right!" AG, Entrepreneur 

"He is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet and it isn't surprising all the girls want to know him." Business Owner

If all this training did was point you in the right direction towards being more confident, happier in life or give you the ability to meet more women wouldn't it be worth registering and spending a couple of hours with me?

Disclaimer: This training will not necessarily make you any money, it is not a magic money course, you have to work hard to get what you want from your business. My results in life are typical for me at my stage of experience and training Your results will vary and could be considerably less, more. This training is for educational purposes only and no responsibility rests with me should you suffer any losses as a result of your business ventures. Everything carries a risk and you should do your due diligence before you embark on any kind of project that involves financial / time input. That said all claims I make are verified, backed up and can be independently confirmed. everything I share in this training comes from years of experience and trying to make things work. I do not claim to be an expert, other people claim I am an expert. Happy To Help.